Sotschi x Sofia Derobertis

14/04/21 Loudkult ©



For his new debut single “Guilty”, the musician from Sotschi got the 16-year-old New Yorker, Sofia Derobertis, to the microphone. Together with her and the American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen, the South Tyrolean wrote a very contemporary song text that appeals to all those for whom cheating plays a certain role in life. The lyrics deal with the protagonist's partner being out of the house too late again and thinking his girlfriend will never find out. Later it is said that “everbody knows! and as the title suggests, the partner is guilty. Many acoustic instruments such as guitars and pianos are used, which give the whole piece a certain melancholy. The whole thing is rounded off by an energetic slap house drop.

The result is an EDM song that inspires sympathy but also dance. The whole thing is marketed by the Swedish record company “Loudkult”, which is based in the capital Stockholm. The single should be released this summer and can be heard on all music platforms and is regularly played by the largest local radio station.

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The visualizer video for "Guilty" is a lovely blend of abstract art that complements the music's mood and lyrics. The colors and shapes move in harmony with the beat, making for an enchanting viewing experience. Overall, it's a great example of how visuals can heighten the emotional impact of music.

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